Thursday, 7 February 2019

Drover Family Heirloom

This lovely black glass milk jug was given to me by my Grandmother, Queenie Anderson, but was brought to Australia from Scotland by her mother Charlotte Drover in 1910.

It has no markings and is probably not worth anything in monetary value, but as the family came from Scotland I love the Scottish decoration of the rose and thistle.

Although the Drover family came to Australia in 1910, arriving on the "SS Osterley" on the 22 September, they came via a rather circuitous route. Charlotte Drover suffered from 'false angina' and was told by her doctors in Edinburgh that she needed to get out of Scotland to get relief. 

Charlotte Drover (nee Sutherland)
On the 28 Jul 1906 the family boarded the "Pretorian" and sailed for Toronto, Canada. I think Canada was chosen as there were many others in the family who previously emigrated there. Unfortunately, Charlotte's condition was no better in Canada, and doctors there told her she needed to go somewhere hot and dry, so they came to Brisbane. I don't know whether her condition was any better in Australia, but she lived to be 75, dying on 29 Oct 1937.

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